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This a 26' Rhodes 1965 vintage, speedster with a tall rig.

O'Day built the Outlaws (80). The boats underbody resembles a Shields 30 with a short full keel and attached rudder. With the tall rig it has plenty of power (SA/D 17) and the deepish keel with 45% of the displacement in ballast weight, makes it a very stiff 26'er.

Our kids sailed it home yesterday, along with us in our boat, in 15 - 20 knots of Westerly right on the nose. I was amazed how that little boat sailed. They were wet in that cockpit! But grinning the whole time.

We were overpowered - too often - with one reef in the main and about 120% genoa unfurled. Our lee side deck all the way under. I think the gusts were in the mid 20's. I needed another reef.

They had 1 reef in their main(they needed another reef!) and a 100% jib. A few miles off our harbor, they pulled a traveler control line pad eye right out of the coamings so had to retire the main and power in. The best they could get was 2 knots into the wind with their outboard.

But what a time we all had! Our son is so pleased with that sailboat.

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