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Smart, I have friends with a late model Sabre 38, a Hinckley B40, now on the market for 3 years.
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Nice clean well maintained boats. No buyers yet. They're in that higher priced, 'no hurry to sell', stage. The Hinckley owner is just now deciding he's(and his wife) are ready to get out. "We're on the other side now" he remarked, which means they have other plans. He feels his B40 has to be maintained to the 'enth' to compete with several other well maintained B40's.

The Sabre owner doesn't seem concerned, yet. "We'll just get something else", he says, if a buyer comes along. Maybe thinking power.

What are the few buyers out there, looking for?

Too much supply in medium to large coastal cruisers, I think. If you have the right boat when a buyer comes through, you may have a sale. If you don't it will take a strategy.

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