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I'm waiting to see that launched. Interesting open boat, big, heavy, lifeboat like.

Built at an apprenticeship program, somewhere out of state, I think.

Interesting as well are the new owners. An older retired couple that have owned a Herreshoff Araminta for many years, for daysailing. They bought this for an easier to sail boat. The sails are smaller as it is a shorter boat. We'll see how it works out.

I'm seeing a lot of couples aging out of their boats. But you never know which way they'll go. One guy, John, sold a nice 36' Kirby yawl a couple years ago. He said he found his age and lack of agility had him decide to sell the boat. He used his powerboat for a few years(he always owned the two boats), then this spring I saw him in a larger sailboat, 40+'.

Another older codger his owned a flock of sailboats, he changes every few years. His last was an Echelles! That was kind of a handfull as he sailed it in and out of his mooring(no motor). Now he has a 17' Montgomery that he just rigged. He's in his mid 80's.

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