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My Perkins 4-108 has been giving me fits..

I replaced the forward seal on the transmission this winter, replaced the raw water circulation pump, had the injectors rebuilt last year. Two weekends ago I checked the oil on Saturday prior to leaving Belfast and it was right where it should be. On Sunday morning I checked again and the level was higher by an inch +-. Not a good sign. I suspected the lift/fuel pump. Replaced that but it was still making oil, so the next suspect is the shaft seal on the injector pump, sheesh. So my friend Tim Bland from Downeast Yacht Services is towing her up to Seal Ledge marina on the Bagaduce to pull the injector pump and have that rebuilt. The engine runs great so we don't suspect the rings, Tim and I are hoping that this is the answer to this one. Some one else mentioned that there is now ethanol in diesel? and that might be having a negative affect on seals. Anybody else heard this?

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