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The rocks that sunk Archangel, are still claiming victims.

I hit the East Goose rocks back in 2000. A cluster of ledges that only show at low tide and no markers. I can't imagine how many times I'd passed through there, unscathed.

ARCHANGEL hit so hard the carbon fiber rig came down. She hit at high tide. This photo was taken at near low water, 10 feet lower.

Last weekends boat was in a race and hit the ledge under sail. A vintage and sound wooden boat, they hit at over 6 knots. The boat may bounced as it sounds like they hit twice, and then were off. They started taking on water immediately, as did we, but the ingress was slow enough - the pumps big enough - to get hauled in Rockport.

I was looking at the boat tonight. Although I believe only the keel contacted the rocks, the collision snapped several ribs. I know the folks and feel terrible for them. At least they got off without the grounding becoming newsworthy. The cause? You'll never know.

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