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Hey PNW sailors... what chart book do you like, and why?

I've used Maptech in the past for So Cal and Ensenada, and it served me well. (although Ensenada did change considerably over the years)

I have electronic charts, but I like having paper versions handy, to give perspective that seems to go away when you zoom out on electronic charts.

Maptech has "region 15" available, but I wonder if they really have good large scale charts in there for local waters.

Evergreen has a cruising atlas that is supposed to cover the area.

Bottom line is I could choose exactly what I want, if I could view them in a store... I want real charts, not some ginned up guide. But no one seems to have them in stock... so I will have to order them.

Sure, I could just get actual NOAA charts, but chart books are vastly easier to organize and use.

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