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A Bald Eagle is coasting just yards overhead trying to land on a fishing boat.
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He'd succeed if it weren't for the seagulls dive bombing him. The eagle doesn't seem bothered by the hundred boats, some towering 3 and 4 stories with gleaming gold and silver names like DANI and DREAM. It's Sunday morning in Northeast Harbor. Even the fishermen are sleeping in.

It's been a CSBB homecoming in NEH. We moored next to Gail and randy rice. Paul and Lise Dunn are moored a few boats away. Doug Rothkoph and his wife Leslie came in yesterday with Todd Dunn and wife Linda, out for day sail. It's been wonderful to spend some time with these great folks and catch up.

NEH, crowded and glitzy, where eagles soar. Few of us can resist.

Here he comes again; beautiful white head and jet black feathers, for another try at that fishing boat for breakfast.

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