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A new project

A few days ago, I heard LaDonna mumbling something about how 'a bored Rob is an unhappy Rob.' Next thing I know, she bought me a 36-ft sailboat project to keep me out of trouble. It's a Doug Peterson-designed C&L Marine, built in Taiwan and finished in Cali. It's been sitting in a storage unit lot, of all places, for several years, and has gone through a few owners during that time. It looks rough right now, but all the bits and pieces are there. Now I can stay out of trouble while putting the puzzle back together.
While LD is prettifying the interior, I started on the engine. It's a Volvo MD-17 - a 3-cylinder, raw-water cooled diesel. I've spent the last two days stripping the engine down to prep for pulling it off the mounts. One of my first priorities was to check out the cooling system, and I was pleasantly surprised at the condition, considering how long it's been sitting.
Our plan is to get the boat in the water in the next 90 days or so. There's a lot to do, so I guess LD got her wish.

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