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238 NM from Newport to Entrance to Delaware Bay
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We should be there between 7:30 and 10:00 PM on Friday Night, 2 September.

If we motored alone (without sails up), we'd be there before 8:00 PM. (Using 7.5 knots.) We can motor comfortably in "normal" seas in the order of 8 knots without pushing it. The wind is supposed to abaft of beam most of the way.

We should be doing 8.5 knots for a bunch of the way.

If we're a little late we will we motoring against the current up the Delaware Bay. It's about 50ish NM up to the C&D Canal.

The winds start to pick-up at the entrance to the Delaware Bay about 4 hours or so latter. First at about 90 degrees to the current, then more in line with it. The ebb current can be over 2 knots across some of the shoals...Later on Saturday (say after 4:00 AM), they will be 20 knots.

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