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I run Norton's AntiVirus and Web Browser protection

I haven't had a message with Cruising Anarchy. I don't get any messages on my IE Explorer otherwise on Cruising Anarchy.

You should set-up your browser to limit automatic "plug-ins" or links to some flashing websites. It could be that you're linking in the background.

You can solve some of the problems by limiting "cookies" to a greater extent. That may make surfing more cumbersome, but less intrusive.

Did you look-up the site on the web and see if others have noted this?

You can check "WHAT IS"...etc.

Another possibility is that you mistyped the address and that you're into a website that is spoofing Cruising Anarchy. (Example: IF You type "" with one 'l' you'll get a link which isn't what you wanted. In some cases, you could get slammed by a site.

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