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Looks like the party is over

Our season has been unexpectedly shortened, my wife's sister was moved to hospice care yesterday and she would like to spend as much time together as she can (rightly so).

I was reflecting back on the season and it was certainly a series of peak and valley's. The mainsail furling that was #1 on out must have list was a challenge but thanks to input from several people here and at the Hunter Owners site we have it as under control as it gets I think. We had easily the best sail of the last three years a week or so ago, I of course, left the camera in the truck so no documentation, just good memories. In fact I think we may have crossed into Canada or were close. The little Hunter performs well.

Another one of the things we had on our list was the walk through transom and swim step, we never used it and now understand why they are becoming less common. It was easy to see how anything that falls on the cockpit sole zips out the back and is gone. Also easy to see that a large following sea could be a very bad thing. I think next season we will spend a little more time at two former favorite anchorages and might use it then.

The aft cabin was another must have and another thing that was never used, that was primarily due to the warm and humid weather that made spending any time down below totally miserable. I added 110v fans but ventilation is quite poor, even with a breeze. This is a small boat but has the potential to be fun I think. Any thought on cooling things? I asked over on the HO forum and didn't get a lot of useful information, moving to San Francisco Bay is not an option and neither is mounting a home window unit in the companionway. Our experience with a Cruiseair unit on the Island Packet was underwhelming, it ran on high for hours but only cooled the cabin a little bit, it also leaked in the rain. Is traditional marine AC even a viable option on a small boat like this? I don't have a clue where to begin with sizing and capacity, for that matter it may be throwing $$$ away.

Not staying on board, the stove, microwave and coffee pot are still all brand new, never even turned on. Our trusty BBQ was never lit. The portable 12v cooler did work out OK if things were cold when you put them in. No surprise there, a peltier cooling unit with heat and humidity can only do so much.

Could have been better but certainly could have been worse. The boat worked for us given the time we had to spend sailing. It would not be my choice for heavy weather but given the right conditions I'm sure we could spend more time aboard.

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