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Stray current in the basin

I didn't want to highjack bill's thread so am posting new. This just became a huge issue at our club, one of the members was getting on his jet ski over the weekend and felt a "tingle" in his legs. Although we have a club rule that prohibits swimming in our basin, some of the members also keep a jet ski in their slip along side the boat. We appear to have a stray current issue, but this seems to be shore power, not 12v.

Our dockmaster does frequent checks of the slips to make sure we have no shore power cords hanging in the water so that's not usually an issue. We do have several old Marinette's in the club, most seem to be pretty well maintained. We also have two steel boats. All of that said, I "assume" that stray AC current can come from pretty much any boat connected to shore power, true? We have a couple of retired electricians that are building some sort of meter/checker to help identify the source. Seems like it will be a long involved process to me.

The ironic thing is that last year when we purchased the Hunter, the surveyor said we needed to add that special ELCI breaker I told everyone about just for the purpose of eliminating the possibility of stray AC current in the basin. He said the same thing on the surveys of the previous two boats, which I ignored. This time the underwriter from State Farm insisted that we install it(chronicled here) so I did. It now appears that from an insurance standpoint we all of the boats in the club will need to have one? It will be interesting to see how this shakes out in the next few weeks.

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