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We go late enough to avoid them little pests. Hear they are fierce earlier in the summer.

2 years ago were up there sitting on a beach by the campground one afternoon with about 8-10 other folks when some guy in a seaplane landed and started to taxi in. One guy (won't say who) stood up and gave them the "go away" wave. The pilot opened his window and said "I can land here!". Another person on the beach suggested he take his machine someplace else. The pilot then showed his brilliance by shouting "I should have brought my gun!" Seriously, that is exactly what he said. Another beach-sitter then said what I wish I was smart enough to think of. "What kind of a moron would start a gunfight while sitting in a plastic airplane with the registration number clearly shown and has turned off his engine?" I seriously doubt there were any firearms on the beach but the laughter from the crowd was so sweet. I have ridden float planes a number of times, mostly Beavers and Otters and once a Cessna. This was some kind of fiberglass plane that sounded like it had lots of power but when he was on his take-off run the spray from the floats was picked up by the prop and hosed the windshield. Totally blind looking forward until almost at take-off speed.

I found out later that at that time it was legal to operate a float plane there but only with prior written permission. Some loophole based on the logic that a plane operator can only get there by his plane but campers come by car. Huh? Now the lake is closed to all internal combustion engines, even those delivered by air.

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