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That brings back memories, Max. And then the year before that, Earl. Scarier!
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Irene in 2011 wasn't forecast to be too bad but people were better prepared, I think. That might have been thanks, to Earl. According to Wiki, Earl was the first hurricane to threaten New England since Bob, in 1991. Makes sense because I'd never dealt with a hurricane and boats, ever.

We were in Lake Tashmoo when Earl came up the coast. We were so screwed! Looking back, if you had prepared according to early tracks, the only safe place was another region! In a sailboat, forgetaboutit!

Not much more than 36 hours before Earls arrival, they had the eye going right through the Cape Cod Canal! We were about ready to get off the boat in Tashmoo, and stay with people we knew of MV, and then forecasts had it going out to sea. Plenty of wind still, maybe 50 in Tashmoo. But it was a cakewalk on a stout mooring.

Flash forward a year to Irene: Rockport Marine hauled all of their clients and blocked them cheek to jowl, on the public landing. I'd never seen anything like it! Pulpit Harbor, where I fled, was crowded but there was still space.

I learned a couple good lesson: 1-Make sure you head to your hurricane hole in ample time and think about the ones that others will flock to, and avoid them. 2- Don't panic until that ample time window, arrives.

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