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I'm sitting on the 25 floor in a hotel in Mazitlan and

the weather is just stunning! We needed a Mexico fix so we took a jet. Our condo is still torn up from the water damage so it might be next season befor we can get back down here. The boats ready with new bottom paint a a raft of "new goodies" like our new Watch Comander". Can't wait to see how that works out. I finely got the bug out of the new mainsail and I'm back to a seven and a half knot broad reach which had slipped a bit over the last few years. Mexico calls and all we need is time and simplicity! Both seem to be in short supply these days. We finalized the purchase of a new Dodge 2500 diesel pick up with all the bells and whistles so the land yacht is coming together and the six months in Mexico on the boat and 6 in the US is firmly on the table and all we need now is to find the perfect Fifth Wheel trailer to pull behind our truck (which is still sitting at the dealership getting tricked out). I'm still sitting here overlooking Stone Island and it's good.

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