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The future of CSBB

Thanks so much for your input on this topic. I'm going to start with the executive summary of the survey and conclude with our recommendations for moving forward.

- The survey had 38 respondents, which is a pretty good indication of how much the user base of CSBB has dwindled.

- Not surprisingly, most people prefer the current format: 65%.

- Preference for the other two formats, and The Trailer Sailor, were tied at 50% each.

- Notably, only 19% said the loss of the open threading would be a disaster.

- 92% said their use of the board would be about the same, regardless.

- The most common comment was about photos; general dissatisfaction with uploading the image handling on the current board.

Given the small base and the ambivalence for the current threaded format, I am going to move the CSBB to the forums. While we will lose the threading feature which has been popular over the years, you'll gain excellent image handling capability and the opportunity for many more users. The SBO board runs on a platform called XenForo, which IMHO is far stronger than vBulletin and phpBB, two systems often used for sailing forums. There's good traffic and some people nice people who will probalby use this forum.

As of today, the migration plan is to do the following:

- Convert the current CSBB users to new SBO accounts. If you already have an SBO account (and the email addresses match between the CSBB and SBO logins) you be defaulted to your existing SBO account.

- CSBB passwords are one-way encrypted so I can't read them. New SBO accounts will receive new passwords which will be emailed to you. If your email address in CSBB records is fake, obsolete, or otherwise unreachable, you can quickly and easily create a new login on SBO.

- Convert the past couple weeks of posts into SBO, so there's at least a little posting momentum. Of course, the threading will be messed up (all replies will be listed chronologically under the parent) so those will be a little weird, but readable.

- This forum will be switched into read-only mode and will be linked from the new forum menu.

- I will position this forum as one for experienced cruisers/sailors. I'll do my best to keep the "why do I have this wench on my mask" questions from landing there.

- This plan may change due to unanticipated technological roadblocks.

- I hope to have it ready to roll in a week.

Of course, if anyone steps forward to take over the forum as-is, that would bypass this whole plan.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Sorry to do this, but there's a good chance you'll have a much more vibrant, functional forum on the other side.

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