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How Bad Would it Be?

I had posted earlier that my season will be cut short due to a foot operation. I had hoped to put it off, but needed to move it up to August 24. I will need to be on my back with foot higher than my heart for 2 weeks after the operation, and then 10 more weeks of total non-weight bearing on the foot. I went to the boat today, and hoped to sail tomorrow, but due to pain, had to just go home.
I will go back to the boat to winterize the systems.
I need to keep the boat on the mooring until the end of the month (after the surgery) in order to keep my town mooring (I had the boat away all of July).
I normally have remove the cushions and sails and put a boom tent on the boat. Due to the circumstances I won't be able to do it myself.
The question is how bad would it be to leave the cushions and sails on the boat and leaving the cover off.
Back in the 80's before shrink wrap, a lot of boats went uncovered, now it is unusual to see an uncovered boat.
What are people's thoughts about this.
The boat has no teak (Freedom 40/40) so that is not part of the equation.

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