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If you have good covers to help keep them dry.

Sails can mildew if you leave them on into warmer weather and wet even or perhaps especially under cover. Tie off the halyards to the shrouds to keep them from flogging and banging thereby irritating 98% of the folks within hearing and also to not scuff the heck out your masts. Strap down the sails well covered.

You have my sympathy, being laid up at what is typically a busy time of packing for the winter is a real bummer. But hey, in the final analysis, you have to do what you can do and go with it....or hire it done or prevail upon friends to assist. I'd consider asking around among friends as a first resort. Pulling cushions off the boat isn't rocket science. Removing sails from a stack pack a bit more complex but doable. Can you supervise? I'd consider hiring a day crew as a second resort. Sometimes it's cheaper if there's folks around.

Best of luck solving this dilemma but I always try to remember, whichever way it goes, it will be what it is.

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