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What a sail he had. Pulpit through 2 thoroughfares to the Cranberry Islands, all under sail.

And then after the euphoria of 30 twisting and turning miles, where he said the wind seemed to follow him the whole way, he starts the return with a stiff headwind and counter currents. For 2 hours he tacked and couldn't get away from the Cranberry Islands!

But the reward in the Eggemoggin Reach - when he finally made it in - was an experience he'll not soon forget. Suddenly in flat water, with beam winds, he sliced the Reach down the middle to Bucks Harbor.

The next day, via text, we looked from him coming down the bay into growing Southerly. By the time I could see his sails - which I could see were not reefed - the wind began to climb. Sure enough he was soon on his ear. Text- 'I wish I hadn't taken out the double reef I tied in.'

I suggested he tuck in behind Saddle Island and tie them back in(which he did). By that time we were sailing over 7 knots with just the 130% and mizzen, in the other direction.

What a thrill to recount his 3 day voyage the next day, at home. "I've seen a lot of the world, but that sail is something I'll never forget", he told us.

I'm a little surprised (and pleased) that sailing has suddenly become a close connection between my son and I. Nice. That boat has been a dollar, well spent.

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