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Re: Jeremy, the Camper & Nicholson buildings are still there . . . nice to know . . .

Quite a bit of history there. I seem to recall that Nautor (Swan) bought the operation some years ago.
Not a lot to see in Gosport, it was always a sort of poor relation to Portsmouth . . but a lot to see from Gosport in Portsmouth across the water. . . HMS Victory, the Victorian iron warship whose name I forget. The Tudor era Mary Rose is over there somewhere -- raised from the bottom of the Solent.
Then there's the Royal Navy vessels and the occasional visitor. I showed up for work one morning, looked across the harbour, and there was an enormous American ship like an aircraft carrier. Dwarfed everything else. Then at lunchtime I drove around to the beach overlooking the Solent and that's where the real big guy was -- a real US aircraft carrier that stretched practically all the way to the Isle of Wight. The "little" guy in the harbor was a US Marines assault vessel or some such, but it could have swallowed a British carrier whole and still be hungry.

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