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and yellow jackets

we were out Saturday, once again the forecasted wind wasn't there but the waves were, so we were bobbing doing .1 of a knot for a while when the flies found us. Then the yellow jackets showed up and decided the winches were promising for something or other so they moved in to sit on the winches. We used towels, shoes and whatever we could find for swatting. Fortunately neither of us was stung but the biting flies was enough. The light breeze was out of the south but within 15 minutes it cranked around 90* from the east, increased to about 15-20knts and blew the flies and the bees away and the boat over on its ear. The RF main is wonderful in theory for reefing down to any size you want. In practice it doesn't work that was, any force on the sail overcomes the torque available from the in-haul system so the sail doesn't move.

It was not one of our best sailing days of the summer for sure.

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