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Here's a big one being built in Maine.

Brooklin Boatyard builds some of the most beautiful boats. This one is a 91' 'cruising boat', that - like some of the bigger custom cruising boats these days - looks like a daysailer.

Wanting very nice accommodations for 2 or 3 couples and crew for a few weeks on the coast, and wanting a sailboat that's fast and fun to sail - and looks sleek and somewhat classic, well, need at least 90 feet.

I like the design and I imagine it will be stunning to see sailing on the water. The hull will be built in my harbor. That will be fun to see. Then it's shipped to Brooklin Maine to finish.

This is this owners 3rd boat built by Brooklin Boatyard. I get that; some people enjoy the project as much (or more) as the finish product. It's the thrill of the design process - especially the design of a performance sailboat, that he/she enjoys.

Nice simple lines. Now as you look at the rendering, remember, it's 91 feet long

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