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Pretty narrow for a 91'er, at 19 max. beam.
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And it shows the helmsmen looking over it. But I bet it is big and could have a slot in the cockpit to lower it. This boat doesn't have a lot of volume for a near 100'er. I was looking on Yachtworld at 80 to 100 feet(I'm thinking about moving up). Typical of the last few decades of design has much beamier boats, 23',25'. And then they're very high, like typical cruising boats of the last few decades. Most contemporary boats in this size range look like 3 story condo's, with center cockpits and pilot stations,high, high above the waterline. On those 3 story cruising boats, you're standing on the top of bimini that is over the helmsmen on this boat.

There's volume in those 80's,90's design boats, to garage dinghies and what not. They have to use davits on this boat, no garage will fit in a shapely stern like that, even in 90'. This boat doesn't have a lot of volume for 91'.

The boat it most reminds me of, is BOLERO.

I think the new boat will be a lot more fun to sail. I suppose some dodger or something will be added to the cockpit curbs for weather offshore?

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