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hmmm ... any idea why the outboard won't quit ?

... this an 8 year old Suzuki 4S 15HP engine. Excellent condition. Had a full service by a shop mid July. Since then, and I doubt related, sometimes the engine will not stop running when I engage the kill switch. Or remove the safety clip. Engine keeps running, I have to remove the gas line and let it run out of fuel. This continues to be an intermittent thing ... sometimes it works fine and engine dies, sometimes not. I thought it might be a bad switch, so I replaced that ... no difference. There are two wires that go from the molded plug switch into a pigtail, and that is connected to a harness inside the engine. From there, one wire goes to another clip harness and from there tough to see where it goes. Another wire goes into this black module looking thing with a bunch of other wires coming into it. I've removed all the harness connections, all looked great, shiny, no signs of any corrosion, but I cleaned them all up anyway. Any idea what may be the problem ? Thanks, cheers, John

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