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Really not much to tell. We left the jetties at Matagorda Bay at daylight one morning bound for Fla

Winds forecast as south. got maybe 25 miles out and the winds switched to east south east, putting them dead on our nose, and rising, with several hundred miles to go. At dawn or just after, plotted position, realized that sailing all night into rising seas, had made good 38 miles, and had lost about 8 towards Florida. Tehani is a 25 foot boat. So after a discussion, we reversed course. and sailed back to the jetties. In the down wind run back is when she stepped below into ankle deep water. We were still 7 miles out., which caused a LOT of concern. Flipped the bilge pump to manual, and all the water went out. Research proved that where I had installed the outlet would go underwater when sailing fast downwind.

Got back inshore, anchored for the rest of the day, and that night, and decided to run the ditch. Got to Freeport, anchored in the San Bernard River, and found that MOTORING also cause the pump to back siphon

This by the way was our first trip aboard after a total overhaul and re-launch.

Anyway, started smelling chlorine gas, realize the battery acid was reacting with the salt water. Hauled in out and dumped it. Next day, stopped in Freeport, bought a new battery and went on AFTER rerouting the bilge pump hose

I do have a Whale Gusher 10 mounted permanently

I have since re done the electric pump so it has an anti siphon loop, and now dumps directly over a cockpit drain. But now I KNOW if it runs or not.. It seldom does, since the boat has zero thru hulls and or openings below the waterline.

Wound up having a pleasant 2 month trip to Florida and return after that, via ICW and Mississippi Sound.

I've never tried offshore headed TO Florida again (normal winds are SE, course is SE), but have made several multi day passages offshore when returning TO Texas, including a part of the gulf single hand.

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