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Re: Really not much to tell. / Your about the 20th person I know who has had a siphon issue on

some system. The vented loops help but the little rubber vent insert gets hard or full of salt and sometimes fails. By head is below the waterline so it's critical that it always works. I finely replaced the little valve with a plastic tube that I ran to a fitting on the bulkhead. Now when you flush the head you have to hold your thump over the hole to create a vacuum on salt water pick up hose. After your finished pumping and remove your thumb there is no way for the vacuum to be held. That solved one system but I have two others. I've sailed in both the Gulf and Atlantic side of Florida. The Gulf has short little square waves that beat you to death and the Gulf Stream was, well, the Gulf Stream. Twice across were flat, warm with a nice 12 to 15 knot right into Fort Pierce and one trip was something seriously not. I did like the "ditch" although I only was in it only a couple hundred miles so I'm not very well traveled in that regard. What I saw I liked and hope to do more someday. I didn't realize your boat was a pocket cruiser. I did three years from Calif. to Florida via the Carib. "The land of HoDoo and vudoo and all sorts of weird shit." I loved that l place! We went down island to Cumana and back packed through this Amazon for three months. Mine was a lot bigger boat then yours though. Mine was 30 feet. A Cape Dory 30 and actually, you most likely have more room. Am I rambling? 😀

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