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Re: Yep, see photo....project in native environment....above in photo day list.

Hi Westy,

Unfortunately, my wife and I are still stuck on a "cube farm" working most days of the week - at least for a few more years. Therefore, we rarely have had the luxury of "all the time in the world" that a sailboat needs/deserves with regards to weekend-only cruising. We have to KNOW we will be able to get back at a specific time, or we never (rarely) leave the dock. We tried for a number of years and it just didn't work.

So, a few things:

1) With the tug I get where I am going, where I want, when I want, regardless of most sea and wind states (within reason). She ignores most stuff up to 3ft/20knots.
2) If I *AM* stuck at the dock, I would rather be in a small apartment, than in a coffin (grin). This is a small waterfront condo at any destination of my choosing.
3) I *still* get 3-4nmpg if I keep the speed under 7kn (which I love to do)
4) I actually prefer small-boat/dinghy sailing to bigger boats anyway, and I still do that separately.
5) Lastly, and most important - my dear wife *LOVES* this boat.


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