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For local effects of a storm I've found the local NWS office briefings very helpful

Most of the local weather offices are now doing briefings aimed at emergency managers but available to the public. If you are looking for the local effects of a weather event, look for one of these briefings. I've used them for snowstorms, nor'easters and approaching hurricanes.

They are in different formats from office to office and sometimes located in different places on the websites but look for the word "briefing"

As I type this the current one for Charleston, SC is all about the approach of Matthew and what to expect.

Gary Szatkowski of the NWS Philadelphia/Mount Holly set the bar very high when he did the one on the eve of Hurricane Sandy. He included a personal plea for people on the NJ barrier islands to evacuate and that has been credited with convincing people to leave. You can see it on page 12 of this archived copy.

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