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I enjoyed it. Improve? Make REEL MAN the demon, a'la Steven King.
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Which I sort of felt from your writing. Timmy is your typical crook - in a suit and tie. He's harmless and easily disposed of (rightly so), by Hank and Lainey.

You'd have to have someone edit it of course. There are several spots and words that don't connect.

The things I liked: Your description of the locals. Poor and honest and believable.

Even the Deliverance type redneck about to blow Hanks head off through the smoked plexi (easily replaced - the smoked plexi, not Hanks head...), I kinda liked him because I saw the demon as the 500 HP behemoth roaring down the ICW. A wanton waste of precious resources, arrogant, flagrant, with a mind of it's own.

Everybody is the victim of a 500 HP machine racing down the ICW, even the indistinguishable face behind the smoked plexi . You might get the piece published locally, where the docks are all askew?

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