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The peace and quiet on Buckle Harbor that dawn, didn't last long,...

We weren't alone. There were two other boats sharing the anchorage. This pretty Allied Princess came in, under power (hold that thought), the afternoon before. I saw no one on deck at 5:47 am, when I took this shot.

Then at 6:00 am, somebody came up on deck, looked around, and turned their diesel on. What a racket! Probably not to that guy who just came on deck - then went back below, but if you'd just spent the last 20 minutes watching the sunrise, listening to wildlife (the only sound in the dead calm), an engine is jarring. They ran it for about 30-40 minutes, then came up on deck.

I'd gotten the forecast (who doesn't that sails?). There was no wind forecast for the morning(hint, hint).

I watched them leave an hour later, under power, turning the alternator.

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