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Peggy - Raritan PHIIC Questions

Hi Peggy, hoping you can help me to solve my toilet issues: 1) cannot pump bowl dry & 2) minor leak of water by the stainless shaft going into the pump assembly & 3) lack of strong suction to pump anything other than liquid (for example just single ply toilet paper has always been a struggle). My Raritan PHIIC is 3 years old and has suddenly stopped pulling fluid out of the bowl (regardless of pump dry/flush position), In the flush position, it will fill the bowl with seawater but then there is no ability to pump the bowl dry. I have to admit that I have not done any preventative maintenance since buying the new toilet 3 years ago so I now want to service the toilet properly. I am looking at the Defender web site and the number of different replacement part options is rather confusing. I have pushed a flexible hose through the bowl and the passageway appears to be clear. I believe that I should be purchasing the following :

Raritan Compact II Repair Kit - Item # 500280|51|2234284|2234293&id=121889

Is this the correct repair kit to solve my 2 problems?
To learn from this experience and prevent this in the future, I wanted to understand what actually failed and initiate regular preventative maintenance. Was it the flapper valve that failed?
On a yearly basis since I live in the Northeast, I was thinking of performing the following each spring - any comments appreciated:
1) Replace joker valve
2) Replace flapper valve - is this too often?
3) Lubricate cylinder walls with Super Lube

I am a little surprised to have had a complete failure of the ability to pump dry - first time this has ever happened in almost 30 years with various different heads. One thing I am suspicious about is perhaps my winterization procedure of using the standard pink antifreeze - could this be somehow deteriating the parts? If so is there a better antifreeze to use?

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