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Fuel pumps

If anyone knows anything about fuel pumps, specifically a Walbro FRD-2 pump I would appreciate your advice. I have a fuel pump that supplies fuel to my Espar heater. The electric pump serves as a lift pump to pull the fuel up about 4' from the tank to a pressure regulator and then to the metering pump to the heater. The pump that was there died after 25 years and I could read no numbers off of it. I was told that a Walbro FRD-2 would be the pump to replace it with. I installed the new FRD-2 pump but it will not lift the fuel from the tank. Even when the discharge line from the pump is disconnected, it shuts down as if there was too much head pressure.

I verified that the fuel intake line is clear by attaching another pump to it and verifying that it could pull fuel through it. I also verified that the FRD-2 pump will pump fuel from one container to another if there is no lift involved.

Any suggestions?

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