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It's never fun when you're sinking....

We woke up this morning at 0600 to the sound of our high water alarm going off. The alarm is connected to the float switch of the second bilge pump that's set to come on when the water is about a foot deep. Then I have a second alarm which comes on at two feet. If the second alarm comes on then you know that both pumps have been overtaken and it's time to get the "Jesus pump". You know the one, "Jesus! Get the big pump!" Well, it never got to that but I have been chasing my tail for 6 hours trying to find where the water was coming in. I found a small trickle snaking down the shallow bilge but couldn't see far enough back to find where it was originating from. It was salt water which is never good. I checked ever valve and fitting and found nothing! Tappen Zee's hull issue was starting to play on my mind but I wasn't quite there yet. I kept looking. Then I noticed that the shower sump was full of water. Salt water. I re-rechecked everything above the sump and their was no sign of water. I checked the vented loop and the little valve was a bit hard so I replaced it. I fiddled with the drain pump and noticed a small amount of water trickling out the pick up hose after I shut the pump off and the clear plastic filter basket didn't drain which it should have. After checking everything out I found a band aid had covered the pick up hose strainer. It would pass water but plugged up the hose just enough to start a siphon and suck water back into the shower sump. The sump filled up but trickled out over the sump lip somewhere that couldn't be seen. It's fixed now but talk about scratching your head over a problem. 😡

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