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Re: It's never fun when you're sinking.... I doubt Tappan Zee has much in the way of a hull

issue. She seems to built like a tank. Anything can happen I guess. I have a hull issue myself. On the very bottom of the keel, out of sight even on the hard, unless your swimming under the boat is a section that they just did an ugly job on. It's about two feet long and it looks like the two sides of the keel just didn't get finished off very well. It drives nuts every time I dive on the boat. This time in Mazatlan,I'm going to have the yard fix it once and for all. I'm also going to have the cockpit non-skid sanded and re-painted and some dings on the hull just below the cap rail repaired. At least you're on the hard and the hull has to be dry as a bone. I got my new main sail today. I just got it bent onto the mast this evening. No battens and just a string for an out haul. We'll see how she sets tomorrow. It looks well made, just like the other two sails I bought from him. Good luck.

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