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I get my new mainsail back on Wednesday.😊 I bought

my Watch Commander, my Sailmail is installed on my new computer and the SPOT up and running. I took my two spare water pumps for the engine in to be rebuilt and I have a survey scheduled for the fifth. I fixed my oil leak on the engine and bought extra impellers for the engine, generator and Water Puppy's. I think I'm closing in on the bottom of my list! Speaking of Watch Commanders, has anyone used one? It pretty cool. The only beef that I have with it is that you can't adjust the timer beeper volume and it's pretty loud. It may wake up the crew itself. If the warning timer times out and the major alarm ever goes off it will wake the crew on every boat within a half mile. That thing is loud! You can set it to between 3 and 90 minutes. I'm thinking I'll start out with, maybe, 15 minutes and see how it goes. I figure a cruise ship travels at about 22 knots and will cover about 5.5 nautical miles in 15 minutes. We'll be doing 6.5 knots at about a whopping 1.65 miles. Any thoughts?

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