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Re: I get my new mainsail back on Wednesday.😊 I bought / Tom, what

Sounds like a sweet idea. We have no idea if we will leave this season or next at this point. As you and Denny have been doting on Brendon Annie and I have been kicking up our heels in Europe not taking care of buisness. Besides our own bottom issues we are planning a new transmission install in La Paz. When we repowered we kept our old Volvo tranny since it was totally rebuilt a few years earlier. It has been out of the boat several times in the last 2 years chasing down fluid leaks and parts are not available new or used. Tired of the fight we are replacing with a new Hurth, of course it has a different angle for the prop shaft....But for tonight we are in Porto and drinking the finest and cheapest port in the world!
Looking forward

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