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Re: I get my new mainsail back on Wednesday.😊 I bought / When are the globetrotters

Steve, we are currently at Heathrow Aerport and will be in Tucson tomorrow night. Back to San Carlos a few days after that. I don't know about the quality of the yards in La Paz but the Engine Mechanic that we found there is very good. Cross Marine is a Canadian couple, Rob is an experienced wrench and Kim is an excellent researcher and able to source parts. As soon as we are able hopefully by Early Dec. we will head south to La Cruz but the work comes first. La Paz is nice but it isn't La Cruz or Zihuatanjo. I hesitate to paint a broad picture since we are always meeting cruisers that love or hate places and I am clueless on why based on my experience. When we hauled out last year in Encenada we were pleased with the yard but we kept close tabs on the work. Others there were having some genuine issues. One caution about the La Paz, in Nov. or Dec. the northers start and often blow so strong to make it difficult to dingy in when anchored out. I hope to be south by then. Enough rambling..
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