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Dylan Winter, a videographer sailing around the UK, has been talked about for years.

But if you haven't watched some of his work and you're a sailor, you owe it to yourself. My wife and I got hooked on his videos a while back. He's an ex BBC camera grip so knows how to shoot and edit. He weaves in wonderful music! He's a history buff and you're treated to UK history with his wit attached. And if you like to travel, this is a killer travel log of the UK, by the water, nothing like it. But best of all, he's a devoted sailor that films sailing! Actual sailing! The sights, the sounds, you can almost smell the mud flats he cruises through. Plus there is a unique culture of shallow water sailors in the UK, that he is a part of.

He finally did a film that outlines his trip - so far. It's the one to watch first as you get what he is doing (Sailing around the UK by, "Keep Turning Left"). Watch this video. I bet you can't stop. You'll want to send him some $ after watching several. His work is a deal!

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