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Yowee, this was an unexpected development

The membership committee at our club is getting buried with inquiries and applications for new membership in the last two weeks. We found out that an out of state person/company has purchased the marinas on either side of us plus two other marinas run by the Port Authority. The owner of the two adjacent to us is retiring, they have been quietly for sale for a couple of years. The Port Authority has decided to get out of the marina business, one of theirs is a dump and one is over priced (IMO). That will give this person roughly 1,000 slips and pretty much all of the public dockage available in the city. The reason for the big exit is that having all of the slips means they can set pricing at whatever they want and believe that the current pricing structure is way low. While that may be true when comparing to other areas of the great lakes, raising prices in this largely blue collar town and then getting tenants will be difficult at best(this isn't Chicago).

We are extremely affordable once the initiation fee is paid, at an annual cost of $25 per foot of slip size, $500 dues with free lift/launch and winter storage. Plus our docks are less than 10 years old and we have a nice clubhouse and swimming pool. It looks like for the first time in many years we are going to have a waiting list! Our club only has 180 slips.

I have to wonder how many boats will be for sale in the next month or so?

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