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to move away from Southern Calif. but really difficult to move back. I've often thought of moving myself but it would require that I rent my place here because their is no way I would ever leave without a place to come back to. I would never be able to afford to come back. I'm sitting here at the Shelter Island Boat yard waiting to be hauled out for a bottom job and it's 72 in the cabin and around 78 / 79 on deck. Not bad for a November day. Shoot, that's not bad for a summers day.😎 The problem is that you pay for the sunshine. Our club is pretty large. We usually put a couple of people in the Olympic's (which is always fun), we have a huge fishing group, predicted log racing and on and on but you loose that small town/club feeling which I miss. I'm not sure what we'll be doing this season but the plan rattleing around in my head is that maybe we'll be able to head south in January. I went down in February once and got my but kicked off the Baja so I'm not to happy about a late departure but with good weather predictions it shouldn't be a repeat of that experience. That was a long time ago. We'll see how things go. It wouldn't be bad to get out of here for 6 months or so to let things settle down around here a bit.

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