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swivel dimensions

Hi John, what you are describing was to be one of my winter tasks. My problem is exactly as you described, the regular shackle can get caught in my bow roller. I did have an oversize SS shackle though.

The problems I have are 1, there is no place around here to buy a swivel so it has to be done on line. 2, no place, catalog or website, had the inside dimension of the swivel so I had no idea which one to buy to fit over the thick shank of our claw anchor. 3, our claw anchor has a slot, not a hole, so what I understood is that the swivel can ride up over the top of the anchor and like Larry said, the anchor becomes a big lever arm plus does not set well when that happens.

My answer to this was to go to a smaller shackle instead of the swivel. Even though I always use the rule of thumb of going at least one size larger on the shackle then the chain I felt the smaller shackle would be no more of a compromise than the chance of cracking a swivel.

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