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We had a great sail, so far. We motor sailed until about 1:30 AM
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Then the wind came up AMS roller off the nose. We had a night of stars and good speed. I have had to slow the boat down to avoid the nasty wind & swell against an ebbing 2 knot Delaware Bay tide.

A little Roku with the swells and 15 knots on our ass. We reneged the main
' rolled in the jib and are coating along at on 6 knots. If I pull the jib out, we go up way too fast. The general seas out here are in 3 foot range, but occasionally 5 foot slightly breaking swell "barf" makes like uncomfortable

We tried to avoid a gybe because we are hosting a lonely, tired starling. We coaxed onto the Bimini and it tolerated the gybe.

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