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Re: I don't think you'd stay in the Tide all the way up the Delaware Bay at 6 knots through the Wate

Maybe I was told an old wives' tale -- I never looked up the current tables to check it out.
One thing I do know for sure . . . Annapolis has its own weather.
On that trip, we drifted fuel-less toward the Bay Bridge in dead light wind. By the time we came out the other side of the bridge, we had 25 knots. We had to sail thru the harbor and up to the fuel dock -- and this was boat show week.
That happened more than once . . . not the running out of fuel but sailing under the bridge into a totally different weather system. I guess that's fall sailing on the Chesapeake.
These days, living in Virginia, I get a laugh looking at the weather radar. Seems there's a huge source of hot air west of Annapolis, because by mid-afternoon, some local thermal effect causes pop-up thunderstorms to make evening racing in Annapolis quite exciting.

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