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I don't think you'd stay in the Tide all the way up the Delaware Bay at 6 knots through the Water

I know you wouldn't stay in the current through the run down the the Bay Bridge. Early this morning, we were motoring at 8 knots through the water -- the COG was over 10.5 knots at the C&D Canal's west end. By the time we reached through the Bay Bridge, we were facing a counter current. That on top of the strong winds and 23 knot gusts produced a very short 3' "chop". The wind was dead behind us on the last leg from the Bay Bridge to our marina entrance.

Our slip is exposed to wind from the NE. We couldn't get into the slip and had to pull into an empty one. With more luck than skill, we managed to do that without effect. It was pretty hairy. We wouldn't have a second chance. It would have been fiberglass, stainless steel, paint, and other results of being slammed around by the wind.

There was no way we could get out and try to put our boat into it's slip until the wind abates or changes direction. As I speak it's gusting over 20 knots right now.

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