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I looked seriously at an Espar, and looked briefly into a hydronic system. In both cases I didn't like all the holes I'd need to drill in the cabin for pipes and vents, the large electrical draw they both demanded, and the relative complexity.

I ended up going with a Reflex diesel heater which couldn't be simpler and requires no electricity. For hot water we have an on-demand propane heater with the output temp set to about 100F so you don't need to run two lines and waste water mixing hot/cold. We've been very pleased with both.

It took a few iterations to get the right chimney for the Reflex. We've learned that "H" chimneys are best for yachts to avoid downdraft, and in cold temps an insulated above-deck pipe is recommended. I think the Dickinson stove has a fan assist for lighting that is a nice feature, but the Reflex is smaller and fit our available space better.

Just a couple alternatives which might or might not suit your requirements. Good luck with whatever you do.


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