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Re: You can't beat electric heat for a boat. Dry, safe. -- until . . .

We had a story in Good Old Boat a few years about a fire caused on boat by a power strip that went bad. Luckily the strip was in the fiberglass shower tray which mostly smoked. The owners IIRC arrived on board in time to extinguish the fire -- or it self extinguished. The insurance company wanted to total the boat based on the cleanup cost of the smoke damage, but they negotiated a deal where the ins co paid them to do the cleanup themselves, no doubt at a much lower rate than the professionals.
So . . . make sure your electrical equipment is good and your connections are faultless.

On the other side of the coin . . . CW Editor Mark Pillsbury has lived aboard his Sabre in Newport Harbor (RI) since 2005 with an electric heater.

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