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Absorption refrigeration??

Our Hunter came factory equipped with an "electric cooler". It is another version of the Coleman or Igloo peltier cooling unit that we have discussed here before. It has he usual shortcomings of peltier, on a warm day it can barely hold its own to keep something cool and there is no such thing as a "cold beer" from this cooler unless you add ice. I have been thinking about removing it, possibly the rolling shelf it lives on and maybe the door to the compartment if need be and replacing it with a marine/RV 110v/12v refrigerator.

I was looking on eBay this morning and did a search for a 110/12v refrigerator (again) to see if there might be a Norcold or Domitec being sold so I don't have to spend full price. The website was lousy with refrigerators from a company called "Smad" and I was also looking at Yachtworld just because and see a Hunter 27 retrofit with one of these that really looks good.

All of that said, Smad looks to be Korean based on their website which in itself isn't a deal breaker. It calls this unit "absorption refrigeration" which I have never heard of, assumed it was a new name for peltier so did a Google search to be sure. The explanation I have found on line sounds like I would be installing a fusion reactor on the boat?

Does anyone have experience or practical knowledge about this type of refrigeration? No matter what we put on board, it would run 90% of the time off shore power at the dock, 12v while out and about day sailing.

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