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Anybody following the capsize of the 57' catamaran, LEOPARD?

I wasn't until I read this post on Wavetrain:

From the informative article, sounds like a strange weather event hit the boat. All the hub-bub is on the forums - primarily Sailing Anarchy. I haven't read them but sounds like the gist in condemning the crew (same old - same old forum 'old salts'), is in the crew not being up on deck to cast off sheets. From crew reports it doesn't sound like it would have mattered - the event was near instantaneous.

Sounds scary in the crew reports. In reading the one female account, I was struck by her requesting the boat head off a bit. She was trying the cook and couldn't keep water in the pot - it was leaping out of the pot and kept dousing the burner.

What do you think?

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