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Re: Victoria yachts built both the 26 and 30' Paine designs.

I confess, I am coming to this discussion late, but it inspired me to pick-up my copy of Chuck Paine's, My Yacht Designs and the Lessons They Taught Me, and take a look. I have disappeared into this beautiful volume many times and it never gets old. Also, Paine signed it for me at the Annapolis Sail Boat show. On page 26, he discusses the Victoria. According to him an editor of the British, Yachting World Magazine, read and article about the Frances and had Tom Morris send him a photo. Long story short, the photograph inspired four British boat builders to apply for a license to build her. Paine and Morris, "chose the leanest and hungriest, Peter Gregory and the Desty Brothers from Southampton". Hence, the Victoria 26 was born with a longer trunk cabin. All in all, Paine writes, that "more than 500 Paine designs" were British built. I assume that, in addition to the Frances, there were the Victoria 30 and the Victoria 34 (p.65). Another beautiful Paine design. I don't know if this helps, but I recall seeing the 26 at the Annapolis show in the early 80's, I think, as was impressed. A fine used of space with excellent joinery.

Mike Meier

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