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Heres' the same post I submitted on Sailnet a few minutes later.

After I posted this on CSBB, and read it, I realized I needed to edit it (always do as this is done quickly). Forgitaboutit. You can't edit on the CSBB which is archaic.

On Sailnet I placed the links from Flickr into the text just like the CSBB. Sailnet has an even worse photo loader than the CSBB. It's limited to 800 pixels wide so all my shots would look fuzzy. I have to use Flickr(so they too are temporary images until they scroll off my Flickr Photostream limit of 200).

This am, I notice there are 35 views on the CSBB, 230 or so on Sailnet. That's typical of our activity compared to Sailnet.

Just now, I posted the same post on the SBO "Ask all sailors" (it's better because I can edit on these newer forums). But here's the big difference: I used the SBO photo loader. I get a higher resolution file which I think is as good or maybe better than Flickr(I have to check that). And what it means is that those photos will stay there as long as SBO is operating(which has a long history). SBO is the easier format (compared to Sailnet) to use, and I think the best to read. Take a look and see if you agree.

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